Image by Austin Kehmeier

"Our aim as therapists is to empower our clients as much as possible, and that's just what Guided Self-Help does. We equip you with the tools and resources to manage your situation independently."

Guided Self-Help

Guided Self-Help is a relatively new form of support compared to other therapies. It has been designed specifically to fit around your life and enable you to manage your situation using mostly your own inner resources.

Sessions will be face-to-face or via telephone depending upon your preference. We recognise that some people like the relational element of human contact, whilst others prefer the flexibility of telephone work which can fit around your current commitments.

Our Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners (PWP's) will teach you the skills to manage your worries or low-mood and help you to understand your situation more clearly. They will then meet with you periodically to help refine your skills and address any difficulties which you might be encountering.

Whilst not everyone's first choice, it has certainly proven to be an effective support for those who just need a bit more support and encouragement through difficult times.